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Nerve Pain

Injuries to the vertebrae and discs heal over time, but the adjacent nerves can have a harder time healing. Once the nerve is affected/irritated with the initial injury, adhesions and inflammation occurs anywhere along the pathway. 

Nerves can become trapped or traumatized after abdominal surgeries also, including cesareans, fibroid removals, hysterectomy, and laparoscopy for endometriosis. 

Nerve irritation does not always feel like shooting pain, numbness and/or tingling. It can feel like chronic tightness of a muscle or region that doesn't respond to stretching or strengthening.  

Sciatic nerve irritation can present into the buttock, down the back of the leg and/or calves.  Nerves can also be irritated in the front of the body at the lower abdomen, groin, front and inner thighs (lumbar plexus).  

Kana Arreguin specializes in peripheral nerve decompression, which is a very successful technique that reduces adhesions and inflammation along the nerve tract. It allows for better mobility and function of the joints that the nerve runs through.  Stretching and strengthening after this technique feels easier and more successful once the nerve is treated directly.  

Nerve Pain: Services
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