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What to expect at your pelvic health evaluation and follow up sessions

A detailed history will be taken to begin to develop a diagnosis. The next part of the evaluation will depend on your comfort level. Whatever you are comfortable with, will be done that day. 

You will undress from the waist on down and lie flat on a treatment table. An external assessment of the pelvic floor will be performed to see the integrity of your tissues and how your muscles are moving. We will look at any scars and tissue restrictions. 

If you are comfortable, we will do an internal muscle assessment of the pelvic floor. This is not the same as a pelvic exam at your gynecologist office with a speculum. We will use a gloved finger to gently test each muscle for strength, sensation, tone, and flexibility. The testing is not meant to cause pain, and will be performed in a gentle, slow, and mindful manner. You will always have control of when/if you want to stop the assessment at any time. 

We will then discuss in detail the findings from the evaluation and the treatment plan. 

Follow up appointments will consist of hands-on techniques to target your impairments and develop a tailored home program to meet your goals.  

What to expect at your lymphedema evaluation and follow up sessions

At your first appt, a thorough evaluation of the affected area will be completed. Most people have not had adequate education about lymphedema and how to manage it well. This will be discussed in detail until you feel confident that you understand and have all of your questions answered. If compression bandages are indicated, we will have you purchase them at the clinic. 

If there is time, and you feel ready to begin the intensive phase that day, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) will be performed, and compression bandaging will be placed on your affected area. Please be aware that the wraps are bulky and can sometimes feel alarming. 

Depending on your comfort level, you may or may not be able to drive yourself home if your right leg is wrapped. If your lymphedema is in your leg, please bring a very large, thick sock to fit over your foot wrap (your regular shoe will not fit to walk out of the clinic). We may have to cut the sock to fit over the bulk of the bandages.  

The follow up sessions will be repeated MLD and compression bandages until your lymphedema is stable. This can take up to 2 weeks of multiple appts per week. Compression garments will then be measured for the maintenance phase, to maintain the work done in the intensive phase.   

What to expect at your orthopedic injury evaluation and follow up sessions

We will take a detailed history of your injury to begin to form a diagnosis. A thorough assessment will be performed to confirm the diagnosis and begin to develop a plan of care. A clear explanation of the injury and treatment plan will be discussed with you until you fully understand what's happening to your body. There is usually time for some treatment.  Please wear comfortable "workout" clothing for your initial evaluation.  

The follow up sessions will consist of hands-on techniques and development of a home program to maintain the work done in the clinic.  Wearing loose shorts for easy access of your lumbar spine, pelvis, and hips is very helpful for the hands-on techniques.  We will always have shorts for you to change into as well.  

Your PT will continue to work with you until you meet your goals and back to the things you want to do. 

Private Pay

If you do not have insurance, our private pay rate is $220 for the initial evaluation, and $160 for follow up appointments.

Our cancellation policy

We ask for a 24-hour notice for cancellations. This allows time to fill the schedule with others waiting to come in. 

Late cancellations within in the 24-hour window will be charged $100 fee (except for illness, emergency, or inclement weather), for each incident, and be collected at your next appointment.

No-show No-call will be charged $160 for each incident. Three of these incidents will result in a discharge of care.  


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