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Oncology Rehabilitation

Oncology rehab includes multiple disciplines and medical professionals that diagnose, perform various treatments and help with quality of life of people with cancer and survivors.  Physical therapists are part of this team that help with the change in fascial, joint, muscle and nerve restrictions from surgery and radiation. Gentle mobilization of the tissues can be significantly helpful in gaining range of motion and function back.  

If edema or lymphedema is one of the symptoms that arise due to treatment, then manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a very successful technique (click here for more on lymphedema). 

MLD is also very effective in relieving cancer pain in the palliative phase. This can be done with the clearance of your oncologist provider. 

Kana Arreguin can help with any pain and injury from cancer treatment in a gentle but effective manner.  

Oncology Rehabilitation: Services
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